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    Golf Ball Picker, Standard Duty
Standard Duty Golf Ball Picker
2 Year Warranty
HD Golf Ball Pickers
  RS Multiflex Discs: made of Super-Resilient Polyurethane.
  • Smaller in diameter - They do not WARP!
  • Thicker to absorb shock - They do not CRACK!
  • UV Treated - They remain flexible in heat & cold!
  • Unique fins grab balls from holes and long grass.
Multiflex Discs


· 2 year warranty on Multiflex Discs
· Fully rust-resistant aluminum and steel
· In-line design allows for backing (no jack-knifing)
· No failure - prone elbow fittings
· Floatation tires for smooth stable ride
· Our higher Ball-Capacities cut down
  picking time and labor
· Adaptable to any cart or vehicle
· Multiple flex points for varied terrain


Range Servant Standard Duty Golf Ball Pickers are built stronger than any picker in their class. We use only thick gauge Aluminum and Galvanized Steel to ensure that our pickers will stand up to busy ranges and tough terrain. Range Servant pickers have the highest capacities in the market. Our 3 gang pickers hold more than most 5 gang pickers.

Our unique Multiflex Discs set the industry standard for durability and picking ability. See for yourself why many of our longtime customers have never broken a disc.

Our In-Line Design with its single pivot point A-Frame, allows for 360 degrees of maneuverability in forward and reverse.

The high-grade aluminum main beam allows each gang to roll and flex over varied terrain.

Standard Duty Golf Ball Picker
2 gang1,600 capacity4 baskets5½ ft wide
3 gang2,400 capacity6 baskets8½ ft wide
4 gang3,200 capacity8 baskets11 ft wide
5 gang4,000 capacity10 baskets14 ft wide

Our Capacity Vs. Theirs
  Picker chart
Picker chart


Product Specs

Product Number
PDM 0085
SD 5 Gang Multiflex Picker

Weight w/A-Frame*
410 lbs

Product Number
PDM 0082
SD 4 Gang Multiflex Picker

Weight w/A-Frame*
350 lbs

Product Number
PDM 0000
SD 3 Gang Multiflex Picker

Weight w/A-Frame*
275 lbs

Product Number
PDM 0052
SD 2 Gang Multiflex Picker

Weight w/A-Frame*
205 lbs

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