Heavy Duty Picker Spare Parts

Multiflex Disc
Multiflex Discs for Golf Ball Picker Roller. Each picker roller has a total of 14 multiflex discs. ..
End Flange with Inline Bearings
End Flange with Inline Bearings for Golf Ball Picker. ..
Rubber End Disc
Rubber End Disc for Golf Ball Picker...
Short Axle for InLine Bearing Flange, with Bolt
Short Axle with Bolt for Golf Ball Picker Inline Bearing Flange ..
Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod for Golf Ball Picker roller. Comes with washer and nut for multiflex discs. ..
Smooth Picker Roller Rods
Smooth Picker Rods for Golf Ball Picker roller. ..
Picker Roller
Complete roller with Inline Bearings for Standard Duty & Heavy Duty Golf Ball Pickers. ..
Plastic Picker Basket
Plastic Picker Baskets fit all Range Servant golf ball pickers. ..
Metal Picker Basket
Metal Picker Baskets fit all Range Servant golf ball pickers. ..
Heavy Duty Picker Castor Complete
Castor: 7 7/8" Total HeightMounting Plate: 7" x 7"Complete Castor w/wheel assembly: 12 1/4" Total He..
Heavy Duty Picker Castor Only
Castor: 7 7/8"" Total Height Mounting Plate: 7" x 7"..
Deflector Peg
Deflector peg for Standard Duty Golf Ball Picker castor...
HD Bolts and Bushings
Heavy Duty Bushing, Nut, and Bolt. Each piece sold separately.  ..
Female Ball Hitch
Female Ball Hitch fits all Range Servant Golf Ball Pickers...
Attachment for A-frame
Attachment for A-frame is two 1 7/8" trailer ball hitches mounted on a sturdy galvanized angle iron...
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